Meet our Loyalty Partners – Juice and Public

Juice and Public is a food and drink outlet located in the heart of London’s West End. The shop, situated at 9 Wardour Street, offers a selection of breakfast, sandwiches, salads and hot drinks. What gives this shop its unique identity, however, is their collection of signature juices and homemade smoothies. From ‘Tripple-Berry Motion’, for someone with a bit of a sweet tooth, to ‘Green Day’, for someone looking to get their daily fix of fruits and veggies, Juice and Public has an option for everyone. The Trezoro team recently had the opportunity to sit and chat with the owners and we got all the ‘juice’ on their business.

Opening their doors in January of 2015, Juice and Public is still fairly new to the scene. All three founders, Jan, Madhu and Erik, have a background in the food, beverage and hospitality industry. Their experiences range from restaurant general management to working as mixologists at some of London’s top cocktail lounges. Together, the three created the vision for Juice and Public by merging their passions to create nutrient loaded beverages and a vibrant menu of wholesome foods.

The company culture can be described as relaxed and easy going. Their employees are young, energetic and enthusiastic. They can even be found hanging around the shop on their days off from work. As Jan described it, the shop serves as a ‘home away from home’ for both customers and the staff. The cozy and welcoming environment can certainly back this up, complete with comfortable couches and chairs where you can kick back, relax and enjoy great food.

Now lets get down to the good stuff – the food. Juice and Public takes great pride in their nutritious ingredients, healthy foods and vitalizing drinks. Jan explained that customers can come in and ‘get their 5 a day in less than half an hour’, leaving them satisfied and with energy to take on the day. Their hot drink menu will also not disappoint. Using Alchemy coffee beans, the highly train barista staff can brew you your daily dose of caffeine in your preferred way. There’s something for every coffee lover. We tried the flat white and it was prepared to perfection.

The menu does change periodically, as the team is constantly researching the latest recipes and adding seasonal updates to ensure the freshest of ingredients. Here are some manager favourites you can find on the menu today!

Breakfast: “My Favourite”– Avocado & poached eggs, served on toasted sourdough bread with chili flakes and parmesan

Jan described this as his favourite item on the menu, which is made quite obvious in its title.

Salad: Mean Green– Kale, baby spinach, baby plum tomatoes, green apple, red onion, roasted pumpkin, sunflower and sesame seed, soy ginger tofu with spicy sesame ginger dressing

Dressing is homemade and gluten free!

Juice: Positive Vibes– Cucumber, celery, grapes, kiwi, chia seeds

This juice has been here since the beginning. An original menu item in the ‘green’ juice category, available in two sizes.

Visit Juice and Public today to try one of their favourites or choose your own. They offer special deals to their loyal customers so don’t forget to check in on the Trezoro app (iOS and Android) to take advantage of these generous offers: Collect 5 juices to get 1 free, collect 5 hot drinks to get 1 free and collect 5 tartines to get 1 free.

For more on Juice and Public visit their website and follow them on their Facebook , Twitter and Instagram.

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