Meet our Loyalty Partners – Whaam Banh Mi

Whaam Banh Mi is a Vietnamese restaurant located in London’s buzzing Soho area. The new authentic Vietnamese eatery has been open since just April of this year and has already been recognized to serve one of London’s best banh mis – and we can confirm! The Trezoro team recently had the opportunity to sit down with Tom, founder and head chef at Whaam, where we got an inside look at his journey into the world of Vietnamese cuisine, while enjoying one of his mouthwatering pork banh mi baguettes.

Shortly after finishing at university Tom was looking for a new and exciting place to call home. He found himself in Vietnam, where he got a job working for a bank. Tom spent 5 years living in Vietnam, and as he described it, he was basically living off of banh mi during this time. His satisfaction with his new go-to meal led to fascination and he later spent time training as a chef, learning the particulars of authentic Vietnamese cuisine.

5 years later Tom returned home to the UK, however, he didn’t want to leave Vietnam without bringing part of it back home with him. His interest in the food industry and expertise in Vietnamese cuisine were the perfect ‘ingredients’ to start up the Whaam business.

He began his ventures working out of the back of a van – ‘the Whaam Van’ as Tom calls it. He would pack up his cooking equipment and travel to chili festivals across the UK where he would sell his Vietnamese cuisine alongside other vendors. Tom sold out over 15 festivals before setting up his fixed shop in Soho.

Whaam Banh Mi is now conveniently located in the heart of London’s Soho area at 40 Great Windmill Street for customers to drop in and enjoy authentic Vietnamese cuisine for an unbeatable price. Banh mi baguettes go for just £4.95, a small cost for such a satisfying lunch. But don’t let the name fool you, Whaam offers more than just banh mi. Breakfast offers include pastries, baguettes and your daily cup of coffee, while vegetarians can find tasty options in their chili and ginger tofu or edamame and kale soup. What’s more, Whaam has a menu expansion on the forefront. Coming soon to the menu include traditional dishes like pho and Vietnamese chicken curry.

Visit Whaam Banh Mi today and try one of these delicious options. They offer special rewards for repeat customers, so show them your loyalty by checking in with the Trezoro app (iOS and Android) to take advantage of these generous deals. Buy 6 banh mis to get 1 free or buy 9 coffees to get 1 free.

For more on Whaam Banh Mi visit their website and follow them on their FacebookTwitter and Instagram pages.

Image from Whaam Banh Mi site

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