Meet Our Loyalty Partners – Dreyfus Café

Dreyfus is a neighborhood café that can be found in the heart of London’s Hackney. This atmospheric coffee shop, located in Clapton Square, offers a range of breakfast and brunch items, as well as delicious coffees and cakes. The Trezoro team recently had the chance to chat with Dreyfus owner, Rokos, who gave us all the details and best-kept secrets of his charismatic café.

19 Lower Clapton Road used to be an old video rental store. After it shut down, Rokos knew he could transform it into something special. He secured the space and converted it entirely. As of September of 2012, the address became home to the community friendly café we know as Dreyfus.

Rokos described the Dreyfus intention as being able to provide a comfortable ambiance where customers can hang out, drink coffee, eat great food and experience great customer service. Everyone is welcome in the café. Bring your friends, brings your parents, or come alone. Dreyfus has room for any dining experience.

Rokos explained to us that many of London coffee shops have increased focus on their specialty coffee selections – which he thinks is great, as there is certainly a market for it – but sometimes he sees the customer experience getting lost along the way. A complex assortment of fancy coffees can be intimidating to the average customer, and Roko recognizes that there are people simply looking for quality coffee at a good price. For that reason, Dreyfus offers a selection of entry-level coffees and teas for the low cost of £1.20. That’s not to say that their coffee selection will disappoint. Using Has Bean Coffee as their wholesaler, Dreyfus can prepare a caffeine indulgence for any level of coffee enthusiast.

Now lets talk food. Dreyfus has a menu packed with comfort dishes that will leave your stomach full and your taste buds satisfied. One of the most unique and popular aspects of their menu is the mix and match Eggs Benedict/Florentine/Royale/Leopold. (Eggs Leopold is a Dreyfus original with caramelized leeks, tarragon and smoked bacon). Each egg/muffin stack is priced individually, giving customers the options to order one, two, three or mix them up.

Although it may be tempting to fill up, be sure to save room for dessert! Dreyfus specializes in cheesecakes and there are rotations of flavors to choose from such as pumpkin, raspberry crème brulee and white chocolate and orange – and that’s just to name a few! Other dessert options include carrot cake, chocolate mousse cake and orange and ricotta tarts, all prepared in house by their very own chef.

Dreyfus also offers loads of rewards to their loyal customers, so when you visit be sure to check in on your Trezoro mobile loyalty app (iOS and Android) so you can start earning! Deals include: Collect 9 Hot Chocolates to get 1 free, Collect 9 Eggs Ben/Flo/Roy/Leos to get 1 free, Collect 9 Cakes to get 1 free, Collect 6 Coffees to get 1 free and Collect 6 Teas to get 1 free. So drop in to Dreyfus today to enjoy great food, a welcoming atmosphere and cash in on these generous deals. You won’t regret it.

To learn more about Dreyfus Cafe visit their website  and follow them on twitter.

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