Meet Our Loyalty Partners- Carioca

Carioca is a London restaurant starring authentic Brazilian cuisine. This hidden gem can be found on Market Row in the heart of Brixton, one of London’s most unique areas. The colourful and welcoming eatery fits right into Brixton’s diverse culture and Cariocas got the food to back it up. The Trezoro team had the opportunity to talk with Maurilio, Carioca’s manager, and he gave us an inside look at the restaurant and all the great things it has to offer customers.

Unlike most Brazilian restaurants, which focus on the barbeque aspect of the country’s cuisine, Carioca instead emphasises traditional cultural dishes. The Copacabana Breakfast is one of these dishes and is one of their most popular items. Despite being a breakfast item, the dish is served all day and includes a poached egg, pulled braised beef, fried plantain, and black bean stew arranged over a homemade maize muffin and garnished with sour cream and rocket. Another house favourite is the Chicken Caipira served with rice. Maurilio described it as a traditional braised chicken dish from the heart of the Brazilian countryside. The chicken is seasoned with shallot onion, fresh ginger, garlic, spices, spring onion, parsley and cooked in low heat until tender.

What more, Carioca offers an array of dining deal depending on which day you visit. Try one or try them all to experience a taste of Brazil’s finest foods.

Tuesdays –Brazilian Burger and a Beer: Enjoy a pulled beef Brazilian burger in a cheese bun served with chunky chips and a beer for just £10.00.

Wednesdays- Carioca Feast: Grab some friends and relish in a spread of traditional Brazilian plates. Prices range from £18.00 to £25.00 and options include Feijoada (Brazil’s national dish), Chicken Caipira, Chargrilled Beef Ribs and more!

Thursdays- Taste of Brazil: Beef empanadas, fish cakes, spicy pineapple and halloumi skewers – the options go on and on! Choose 3 items for £15.00 or 4 for £18.00. You’ll get a range of flavor and your taste buds will thank you.

Fridays- Happy Hour: Reward yourself after a long week with Carioca’s Caipirinha deal every Friday from 6 PM to 8 PM. 2 Caipirinhas for £7.00.

Got a sweet tooth? Well then you’re in luck! Maurilio is a pastry chef, so you can expect to find a selection of sweet treats during your visit! Complement these with a coffee or tea for breakfast or try one for dessert (if you can manage to save room, that is).

Carioca, like all of Trezoro’s loyalty partners, values their loyal customer base and place a high priority on rewarding their return patrons. When you check in with our Trezoro mobile loyalty app, you can start earning rewards at Carioca today! Simply tell your server you’ve checked in on the mobile app so they can start tracking your purchases. Collect 6 coffees to get 1 free, collect 6 cakes to get 1 free and collect 5 breakfasts to earn 1 free Bloody Mary. To learn more about Carioca follow them on their Facebook , Twitter  and Instagram pages.

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