Meet our Loyalty Partners – Footnote

Footnote is a brand new coffee shop, deli and all day eatery. The shop may be new to its Hackney home on Wilton Way, but co-owners Nastasia and Amir are no strangers to the coffee industry. The Trezoro team was lucky enough to sit down with both owners, just a week after their soft opening, where Nastasia and Amir shared with us their own personal background and their vision for Footnote’s future.

Nastasia’s background is in business. She earned her degree and immediately started working a 9-5-office job, but soon realised it wasn’t for her. Soon after she found herself in the coffee shop industry. She started a pop up café in the reception area of Machines Room, a makers studio on Vyner Street which focused on technological developments. At the time, the studio was open to the public but soon became members only. Closing their doors to the public was where Footnote, a café dedicated to catering to their locals, and Machines Room parted ways.

Meanwhile, Amir was also working in the coffee industry, in his case, with the beans and roasting aspect of the trade. The company he was working with had plans to expand and grow their business large scale, which didn’t align with Amir’s ideal coffee shop vision. Amir wanted to foster a small scale, yet high quality neighbourhood café that catered to locals and he brought this vision to Footnote.

Nastasia’s experience on the retail end of the business and Amir’s expertise in coffee were the complementary pieces used to merge their passions at Footnote’s new location. The cafe features a spacious open concept with cozy décor and plenty of seats. At this time, they are using Assembly as their wholesaler; however, they plan to increase their suppliers so they can offer a more extensive variety to their customers. What’s more, they will eventually start roasting their own coffee, which will be used to make unique blends.

The food menu will feature breakfast and brunch items served hot from the kitchen, but the main culinary focus will be on their deli. Their plan is to pack the menu with healthy options of the highest quality; featuring fresh produce sourced directly from local UK farmers. The deli will include wholesome items such as salads, sandwiches, quiches and dips. Customers with a sweet tooth can also expect to find a selection of delicious sweets and pastries.

A unique aspect of Footnote’s business comes from Nastasia’s Bulgarian heritage and her family’s winery – Bratanov. The wine available for purchase is a 2013 Cabernet called Rosalea. This limited quantity (589 bottles total) Bulgarian wine is a high quality dry red aged for 10 months. Wine, along with family art is available for purchase by all Footnote customers, putting a distinctive twist on the café.

Footnote has partnered with the Trezoro team and is using our mobile loyalty app(iOS and Android). Check in on Trezoro when you visit Footnote and your loyalty will start to pay off! Collect 5 coffees to get 1 free. For more on Footnote visit their website  and follow them on Twitter and Instagram.

Photo courtesy of Footnote’s Instagram Page

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